The Web3 Marketplace for Computing Assets

Welcome to the first-ever blockchain-based decentralized marketplace for computing power, datasets, and applications.

iExec Marketplace

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The iExec decentralized marketplace is where offer meets demand for computing power, datasets and applications. The marketplace leverages state-of-the-art blockchain technologies, which offer a high level of trust and traceability. Welcome to the new era of decentralized economies.


Applications and users place “work orders” for their works to be executed based on pre-selected criteria.


Workers place a sell order defining the price at which they are willing to execute works. They receive RLC each time they fulfill a “work order”.

The iExec Marketplace

iExec introduces a new paradigm for computing assets, that can now be traded on a global market, just like any other commodity. These assets increase in value while being available for anyone to use.

iExec Marketplace


Users have on-demand access to the resources they need. A new pricing model labeled “Pay-per-Task” allows workers to unify resources, offering valuable flexibility to users.


Anyone can be a network participant. The underlying blockchain and desktop grid technologies are cutting-edge, but users and workers benefit from a friendly user-interface from which they can engage with the iExec network.


Participants can set their own prices in a peer-to-peer market free of fees. Competition between workers, and the aggregation of spare resources from all over the world guarantee competitive prices for cloud computing.

The Worker Pools

Workers are the cloud providers in charge of executing the works submitted by users. Similarly to blockchain miners, workers share their resources and get rewarded in RLC. These workers can be public or private, and are organized in worker pools. For each one of these, a scheduler manages the work distribution.

Proof-of-Contribution (PoCo)

PoCo is the protection shield of the iExec marketplace. It is a consensus algorithm that guarantees protection against Byzantine workers (who could provide bad results to penalize users) and users (who could argue against legitimate work performed by legitimate workers). PoCo enforces trust on a decentralized network.

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What is PoCo?

Proof-of-Contribution is a consensus protocol designed by iExec. It ensures trust between all participants on the iExec Marketplace.

Why do we need a consensus protocol?

PoCo ensures a high level of trust and traceability. It allows users to trust the results computed by an external actor, who is incentivised by making an income for their contribution.

How does it work ?

To incentivise participants, Poco integrates mechanisms such as consensus through majority voting, staking and reputation scoring. All of this data is stored on-chain.