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Experience the freedom to build, deploy, and monetize decentralized applications like never before.

With iExec you harness the full potential of your DApp and data while enhancing privacy, retaining ownership, unlocking new connections and earning opportunities.

Developer Tools

Our developer tools seamlessly combine blockchain and confidential computing. They allow you to build and deploy applications effortlessly while creating the best Web3 experience for your users. Learn how easy it is to integrate them into your DApps.


Maintain complete ownership of your data by encrypting it and controlling how it can be used by apps.
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Send confidential emails to an Ethereum account address without needing to know or store the recipient’s email address.
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Oracle Factory

Create oracles in minutes. iExec’s Oracles run in a trusted execution environment hardware on our decentralized network.
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Privacy for crypto wallet emailing

Discover the power of our dev tools featuring:
– User consent management
– Secure Data sharing protocols
– Privacy-preserving communication channels
– Monetizing direct marketing actions

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iExec has an extensive grants program for builders with awesome ideas. We will support you every step of the way to make your app successful.

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Explore what others have built on iExec


KnowledgeX connects data owners and data science specialists. Data owners retain control over their data.
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Allows you to provide proof that you are indeed the author of your documents, which can be used in court.
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Ace File Transfer

Discover a secure platform for sharing files without a man in the middle, using cryptographic access control.

Peanut Protocol

Send crypto with a link. Choose the chain, set the amount, confirm the transaction. You’ll get a trustless payment link.
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