iExec Grants

Enhance your project with data privacy, ownership, and monetization features backed by a grant, supporting your development and seamless integration into the iExec ecosystem.

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Guiding Criteria

Project Maturity

Must be at the MVP stage with a roadmap, showcasing long-term potential in the iExec ecosystem.

Existing User Base

You must have active users or clients interacting with your dApp.

Privacy & Ownership Impact

Projects must show a strong commitment to data confidentiality and ownership.

dApp business model

Monetization mechanisms should be in place and you must outline how grant funds will be used.

Grant Tracks

Fast Track

Up to $5k in RLC
Tailored for smaller projects seeking quick and straightforward integration of iExec's dev tools, with complete support from iExec.

Advanced Track

Up to $50k in RLC
Offers long-term support for mature projects aiming to fully integrate with the iExec ecosystem. This grant promotes comprehensive collaboration by integrating multiple iExec dev tools and the entire iExec stack.

Grant Process


Grant submission 

Your proposal should include functional and technical details of the iExec dev tool integration, its purpose, an introduction to the project team, and the project's readiness to add long-term value to the iExec ecosystem. A clear commitment to the privacy, ownership, and monetization potential of your project is also essential.


Review & decision

The iExec Monetization team will review your Grant Application. If selected, we will schedule a technical interview, followed by a Grant Proposal outlining integration, adoption, and monetization milestones. The grant amount depends on the iExec dev tools used and predefined milestones.


Grant signature & start of development 

Approved applicants will receive legal paperwork to finalize the grant with iExec. 

The grant agreement and payments are structured along milestones. To validate each milestone, submit a feedback report detailing progress and integration.

Once validated, you can move to the next milestone and receive the payment.

We aim to have a long-term relationship with your project. iExec will organize regular exchanges to discuss opportunities for ongoing collaboration within the iExec ecosystem.

Supported Projects


Alterproof provides an alternative form of web3-based digital ID, built around verified personal data, allowing users to unlock services they previously couldn't access in the "web2 world".


Boonty is a marketing platform for brands to engage their customers by rewarding them with cash, tokens, collectibles and discounts, for participating in activities.


CypherLab Empower Data Ownership for Blockchain and Web3 users: your Wallet, your Data, your Choice and our Privacy Solutions.


Hashguard is a decentralised cloud storage platform that enables users to secure their data using blockchain technology.


Your Hub is your Web3 identity. You can display your assets and express who you are. Everyone can verify it while you don’t have to doxx.


Ledgity Finance provides stablecoin holders with a real, stable, high-yielding return, backed by Real World Assets (RWA).


Lobster aims to democratize access to complex and automated DeFi strategies with just a single click. Leveraging trusted protocols such as Uniswap v3, AAVE, and 1Inch, we offer a simplified solution to maximize your returns while minimizing risks.


Mystic is a white-label NFT marketplace for projects looking to create a space for exchanging NFTs from a game or project.


QSTN is a platform that connects businesses and individuals through market research surveys. Our partners are looking for feedback from consumers like you, and we provide the opportunity for you to earn rewards while sharing your opinions.


Revyou helps you freelance by your own rules: own your data, monetize your reputation, be your own boss.


Frequently Asked Questions


Are there any geographical or jurisdictional limitations for the iExec Grant program?​

No, there are no geographical or jurisdictional limitations for the iExec Grant program.

Does my project need to be open source?​

Yes, your project must be open-source to be eligible for the iExec Grant Program.

Can for-profit organizations apply for the iExec grant program?​

Yes, for-profit organizations are eligible to apply.

Who is eligible to apply for the iExec grant program?​

The iExec grant program is open to anyone, including individuals, teams, and organizations.

Application Process

Can I get an upfront payment?

No, Grant’s payment is unlocked upon Milestone’s delivery.

Can I apply on my own or do I need a team?

Both individual developers and teams can apply for the iExec Grant program.

I am not sure which track is the right choice for me - can I get some assistance and guidance?

Yes, iExec provides assistance and guidance to help applicants determine which track is best suited for their project. Please ask our team members on our Discord Channel.

I submitted a project application. When will I receive feedback?

A review of your submission should be given within a week.

Funding & Resources

What kind of support and resources are available to iExec Grant recipients?

iExec provides technical and business support, access to the iExec community, and networking opportunities to grant recipients.

Are there any restrictions on how the grant funds can be used?

Grant funds must be used for project development expenses and cannot be used for personal expenses.

Is it possible to move to the Advanced track if my Fast track application is successful?

Yes, you can move to the Grant Advanced Track once you complete the Fast Track.

Project Success

How is project success measured in the iExec Grant program?

Project success is measured by achieving the milestones outlined in the grant application and demonstrating progress towards the project’s goals.

What happens if a project fails to meet its goals or milestones outlined in the grant application?

If a project fails to meet its goals or milestones, iExec will work with the project team to address the issue and may adjust the funding amount accordingly.


Can grant recipients share their work publicly or do they need to maintain confidentiality until completion?

Grant recipients are encouraged to share their work publicly, but may need to maintain confidentiality until completion if required by the project.